Our New Narellan Office


It’s been equal parts busy and exciting for the MLG Conveyancing team lately and we’re thrilled to finally see the fruits of our labour. We recently opened our brand new office in the latest extension of Narellan Town Centre. You can find us at our new residence at Commercial Suites, 406/326 Camden Valley Way, Narellan, NSW 2567 (when looking at Coles, the commercial offices are on your right-hand side, down the hallway). As always, our clients can still find us at our second home in Oran Park. 

We’re excited to open the doors on our new, bright and fresh space and are positive our clients will love it just as much as we do! The welcoming new space offers an improved experience for our clients who will love our central location and find plenty of parking on the mezzanine level of the shopping centre. 

With a fresh office, it was fitting that our website received a fresh face to match. The modern, engaging new website reflects our revitalised brand. 

If you’re currently buying or selling property, feel free to get in touch or pop into our new office.